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Bucket Hat Farms

Bucket Hat Farms

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Meet Potanist Bucket-Hat-Farms! He has worked with cannabis for more than 3 years up in the mountains. His expertise is in both outdoor and indoor soil based grows. He is also quite knowledgeable in pest and disease management to make sure your plants grow nice and healthy buds!

Consultative Services Offered:
  • Seed Selection
  • Nutrients
  • Indoor Grow Setup
  • Outdoor Grow Setup
  • Harvesting
  • Drying
  • Pest Management
  • Disease Management

  • Monday:        10:00am-12:00am ET
  • Tuesday:        10:00am-12:00am ET
  • Wednesday:   10:00am-12:00am ET
  • Thursday:       10:00am-12:00am ET
  • Friday:             10:00am-12:00am ET
  • Saturday:        10:00am-12:00am ET
  • Sunday:          10:00am-7::00pm  ET