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Our Story

A former principal, a glazier, and business consultant walk into a cannabis shop... (not another dad joke!). Ok, we didn't walk into a shop. But, the PotanyPros Bros - Ariel, Jon, and Luke - did connect through of our passion to create educated cannabis growers, consumers, advocates, and researchers. Our combined skills and common vision enabled us to create PotanyPros: the ultimate resource for recreational and medicinal cannabis growers. We provide expert consulting, vetted vendors and a knowledge base of the latest cannabis research, growing techniques, and uses. PotanyPros is a privately owned company based in Massachusetts. Our core values are:

- Education is the best way to change the stigma surrounding cannabis.
- Individualized and personalized attention for each grower is essential for the user’s experience with cannabis.
- Growing cannabis should be a fun experience.
- Anyone can learn to grow their own.
- Giving back to the Veteran community who brought cannabis to the light.
- Disrupting big corporation provides voice and choice and access for all growers.

We are the premier consulting agency for those wishing to grow at home!

The PotanyPros Bros

Ariel Margolis

Ariel Margolis

Founder & CEO | PotanyPros

Ariel Margolis, CEO & Founder, is a 20-year veteran educator and uses his experience both in teaching and leading to effectively change learning occurs. He is passionate about helping individuals learn not only how to grow but also have access to valid, reliable information (research, use, materials) in addition to destroying the stigma associated with cannabis use.

Favorite Strain: Frank Sinatra

Favorite Use: Edibles

Luke Williams

Luke Williams

COO | PotanyPros

Luke Williams, COO, is a life-long entrepreneur. His interests in sustainability and agriculture, as well as his own experiences with anxiety, led to his interest in leveraging his operational expertise to ensuring PotanyPros and our partners are set up for success.

Favorite Strain: Double Dream

Favorite Use: Yes

Jon Jong

Jon Long

CLO & Chief Potanist | PotanyPros

Jon Long has been a grower and connoisseur of cannabis since pre-2010. A former BMX racer, current off-road enthusiast and a Master of the Architectural Metal & Glazing trade. Jon has grown indoors and outdoor with focus on lowering costs and increasing efficiency in the home grown environment. Breeders often select photos of their strains that were tested and grown by Jon in an attempt to best showcase their new genetics. His goal is to design fully automated grow spaces for the home grower utilizing a trailer or mobile platform.

Favorite Strain: Hawgs Breath

Favorite Use: Dab Rign (Bong)