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Mmhmm that right!

 I want to talk to you all about Cannabis, that beautiful plant with many aliases. Weed, ganja, the dank, marijuana and, my personal favorite, the Devil's lettuce 😈🤣. I got to say I will always laugh at those old propaganda ads about this medical plant. "Reefer Madness" is possibly the biggest known movie out there and as much as all of us love to watch it and laugh, this was a time born of no knowledge.



Today, we have made big strides in the world of Cannabis. Now, we know the benefits of it and we understand the differences among the strains. No longer are we excited by how sticky and stinky the stuff our neighborhood dealer has. We are the Cannabis community made up by beings of many different shapes and forms. I am only one, and would love to share the knowledge I have on the art of growing the Devil's lettuce with Hügelkultur.



This is an old German term that basically means ‘dirt mound.’ It doesn't have to be a mound though. Last spring, I used this method for a box in which I grew cannabis plants. In total from that grow, I got a small yield, but that wasn't because of the grow box they were in; it was because I had them in a spot with low light.

Starting a Hügelkultur is actually super easy; it regulates the food your plants get, helps hold moisture so less watering, and it takes less topsoil to get things started. What?!? So what I am saying is this can be a cheaper way to grow cannabis plants?!?! Why yes that is exactly what I am saying. I will explain more on how all this works as I tell you how to get one started.



Step #1. Start by digging a hole or getting the pot you want to use. If digging a hole, I recommend making it at least 2 feet deep by 2-3 feet wide. Don't toss that dirt you are pulling out of that hole because it will come back into play. This is easy so far, right? The picture below shows what I am doing this year, as you can see I am doing long mounds this year.



Step #2. Let's start to fill that baby back up. Collect any logs, branches or sticks you have (don't have any? Ask friends or neighbors, as I am sure someone is willing to let you take their yard debris). Now, start placing them up right in your hole. As you can see again I am laying mine down because of the way I am doing it, but really this method can be done anyway along as you follow these steps.



Step #3. Ok so this one you will want debris lots of debris. It can be leaves, grass trimmings, wood chips or if you have critters because you are on a homestead like I am then you can use their poo. Just use this step to make sure all the holes between the logs and branches are filled in as best you can. As you can see in the picture below, the hole is now filled to the top plus some. This is what you want, all that good stuff now in your hole is going to slowly decompose which will serve a few purposes. Most importantly,  it will feed your plants; think of it as a slow release fertilizer. Secondly, it will help keep the plants warm. Yep that's right! As the organic material breaks down, it creates heat which will then keep your final mound warm.



Step #4. Remember that dirt pulled from the hole? Yeah well now it is time to put it back; this is pretty straightforward. Just spread it evenly over the top of your debris (some will fall into the last little hole in the debris). By the time it is done though, you will see a mound of dirt about 2 feet above the ground.

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