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PotanyPros provides personalized virtual and at-home consulting services to recreational and medicinal cannabis growers.

We are the educators of and urgent care providers for all things cannabis.

Just in Time Consulting

You wake up at 3am in a cold sweat. You had a nightmare about your precious plants that they withered away. You check on your babies and express a sigh of relief... only to find white spots on the leaves? Oh crap!

No worries! There is always a potanist available 24/7 for you to connect with virtually. They will be able to diagnose and provide recommendations to you.

Virtual Consulting

Want to know what types of nutrients your specific strain needs? Need help with selecting the type of grow light? How about wanting expert advice on setting up the ideal grow space in YOUR house?

Our Potanists are ready to help. You can check out their areas of expertise and connect with the Potanist that is right for your needs. Every Potanist is vetted by our Chief Potanist to make sure you are receiving accurate, reliable information.

Packages (Virtual Consulting)

If you are new to growing, there are many factors that go into cultivating the best cannabis. Having a Potanist not only walk you through each step but also be there to answer questions gives you peace of mind (and a better chance of having a bumper crop!).

Mastermind Classes

Want to learn how to tranplant cannabis effectively? How about drying your buds without reducing endocannabinoids concentration? Or what if you just want to learn the history and some cool facts about cannabis? Our Potanists will run webinars on various topics (including those requested by you!) to bring you the latest information on cannabis.


Whether it's recommended vendors, how to guides, or the latest research on cannabis, we have content that you can trust and rely on to be valid. With all that is out there about cannabis, you can trust that the information housed here is accurate.

At Home Consulting - Coming Soon!

It's like having your very own landscaper or gardener come to the house! Our vetted and bonded potanists will come and help you, identify the ideal location to start your grow, make recommendations for the set up that will work best for you, build the set up, and even come by to maintain and cultivate for you. All in the confines of your domain.